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RE: Firefox problems

Just do it a search in google:


And you will get some interesting links like:


And next time, please be a little less lazy.

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I didn't know acrobat had products for linux... where can I find those?
I get wierd errors sometimes when I print using xpdf

Gokul Poduval wrote:

>Hello Arjen,
>  Do you have acrobat reader or any other pdf reader installed as a
>plugin ? Firefox used to crash for me when acrobat was a plugin for me.

>After I started using pdf readers as external programs, it doesn't
>crash with pdfs anymore.
>On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 21:00:22 +0100, Arjen Verweij
><a.verweij@student.tudelft.nl> wrote:
>>I have a completely unrelated problem with Firefox in Sid, it just
>>"dies" sometimes when I click on pdf urls. Pretty annoying. Do you
>>have that to?
>>Also, when browsing really large forumthreads (i.e. 1000 posts + pics)

>>Firefox and X will hog memory like there is no tomorrow.
>>I haven't found anyone with similar problems yet.
>>Emil Carlsson wrote:
>>>I'm experiencing some problems with firefox and so is my roommate,
>>>firefox sometimes stops loading and sometimes it even do a sighalt
>>>without any warning.
>>>Does anyone else have the same problem as we do? We have different
>>>computer models, with different chipsets in them.
>>>This is all the information I have about it also since I don't get
>>>any error reporting.
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