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Re: Firefox problems

Robert Aldridge wrote:
I began experiencing problems with Firefox accessing my Yahoo! Mail
account this week.  But, it appears to be some malformed cookies from
Yahoo! Mail.  I don't know if Yahoo! changed their site, or if an
upgrade to Firefox has made it more strict about not handling malformed
cookies.  If I disable Javascript, I'm redirected to the old Yahoo! Mail
interface and it works fine.


Emil Carlsson <emil.carlsson@euromail.se> 3/8/2005 12:38:12 PM >>>


I'm experiencing some problems with firefox and so is my roommate, firefox sometimes stops loading and sometimes it even do a sighalt without any warning.

Does anyone else have the same problem as we do? We have different computer models, with different chipsets in them.

This is all the information I have about it also since I don't get any

error reporting.



Not that I have any big answers to this; but I do have more questions :). I've been using firefox for quite a spell now and its the only browser installed here on debian sid. I also use the mozilla thunderbird package for mail or mutt dependent on need. I decided to start playing with the new trunk builds of thunderbird and they are looking very nice with lots of new features. The main thing which I cannot seem to make work is opening urls in firefox with thunderbird when thunderbird is already running. I had this working for a long time with the debian build using the addition to the firefox prefs.js file. I can open urls in thunderbird easily now.

Anyone using the newest thunderbird trunk builds and know how to get firefox to open mailto's when tbird is already running? I can get it to work when its not.

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