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Re: Medion MD 95400 and Debian GNU/Linux

84hirsch@gmx.de wrote:

Hi Steffen,

I have installed debian on the same way like you. My first action was to use qtparted to shrink the windows XP partitions. Then I have installed debian and updated to the experimental version of debian and the 2.6.10 kernel. I have no great problems upto now. What type are your problems concerning the keyboard?

I have running the - power managment (more than four hours active time) with powernowd
- wlan is working correctly with speedstep-centrino and wpa_supplicant
- touchpad with synaptics The main problem I have is the support of the audio and special buttons for starting/stopping the wland, bluetoothd, audio ...


Hi Jan,

thanks for your email.
Audio was functioning automatically in Sid. I had to install the alsa drivers.
For the wlan and other keys look at:


He starts and stops wlan via a script.
To use normal buttons for executing commands look at


You see that the keypad is overlayed over the normal keys. Before I corrected it, I got randomly one time the keypad symbol another time the underlying standard key symbol when I pressed the overlayed keys. I corrected that by mapping the keypad keys to the
normal symbols in


Are you able to press correctly these keys without modification? Does Num_Lock function correctly for you?
I don't understand the cause of these errors in Xfree86 4.3.0 (in Sid).

Have a lot of fun with Debian GNU/Linux on your Medion.



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