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Re: Digital Photos

Sean Perry wrote:

> I find that a image browser is the best. Just mount the card (mine are all
> compact flash), browse, grab the few I like, done.
> I prefer the generate on upload method. Why have a dynamic site for largely
> static content? Plus it means I need mod_blah + apache when often a more
> simple, scaled down web server will suffice.

Then you might be interested in the pHoToMoLo suite I wrote over a year ago.
It consists of four C programs that do not depend on anything else than
libjpeg.  The interface is purely textual.

The source package includes a simple Bash script that waits until a
Compact Flash card has been plugged in and runs the "exifiron" tool to
losslessly recompress the files and to rotate the images as specified
with the Orientation tag in the Exif information.  Unlike jpegtran,
exifiron also adjusts the physical dimensions stored in the Exif data
when it rotates the image.

Once the images have been copied and rotated, I'd run "photomolo" to create
a directory with thumbnail images for quicker viewing in my favorite image
viewer.  I'd also run "jpegcom *.jpg > comments.txt", edit the file
comments.txt to select the files I want, and to write image comments and
new file names.  Then I'd run "jpegcom < comments.txt" and move the
chosen files to an appropriate directory in my image archive.

Finally, I'd run "photomolo" on my image archive to generate thumbnail images
in my preferred resolutions, and the accompanying HTML files that include
image comments.  "photomolo" is smart enough to compare file timestamps, to
avoid recalculating thumbnail images that have already been generated.

The pHoToMoLo suite is available from
http://www.funet.fi/pub/sci/graphics/photomolo/, and there's an introduction
of it at http://freshmeat.net/projects/photomolo/.  Now, after this sales
pitch, are there any volunteer Debian Developers who would like to package
these programs?  Last time I tried to find a volunteer, I was told that there
already is "gallery" (a dynamic solution), why package other image
gallery tools (even static ones).


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