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Re: Copying Debian to another drive

Here is a link with examples on how to clone a hdd
over a network using netcat and dd.  You can also use
mondo rescue with mindi.  Mondo is a opensource Ghost
like utility.


--- jb701@uku.co.uk wrote:

> I have Debian sarge loaded and running fine on a
> Thinkpad (laptop).  I now 
> want to copy my setup onto another hard drive, so I
> can try some things out 
> without ruining this setup (which took a lot of
> effort to get running).  How 
> do I go about doing that?  The laptop can only run
> one hard drive at a time. 
> I can connect to another Debian machine (running
> woody).  The laptop started 
> with woody (same CDs used as the other machine) and
> I think I kept all the 
> downloaded deb files used to upgrade.  Is there any
> way to copy the setup 
> rather than setting up a new hard drive from
> scratch? 
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