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Re: Copying Debian to another drive

peace bwitchu wrote:
Here is a link with examples on how to clone a hdd
over a network using netcat and dd.  You can also use
mondo rescue with mindi.  Mondo is a opensource Ghost
like utility.


--- jb701@uku.co.uk wrote:

I have Debian sarge loaded and running fine on a
Thinkpad (laptop). I now want to copy my setup onto another hard drive, so I can try some things out without ruining this setup (which took a lot of effort to get running). How do I go about doing that? The laptop can only run one hard drive at a time. I can connect to another Debian machine (running woody). The laptop started with woody (same CDs used as the other machine) and I think I kept all the downloaded deb files used to upgrade. Is there any way to copy the setup rather than setting up a new hard drive from scratch?

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On my thinkpad T23, I've done it a few ways including pulling the drive and a usb type drive enclosure. I also have a ultrabay hard disk drive bay and I put the drive in there and it shows up as /dev/hdc here. Then I just follow the hard disk drive upgrade minihowto. Basically the steps are to run fdisk on the new drive, set it up the way you want, copy the files over using the command in the howto, run lilo (I don't use grub here), remove the old primary drive, swap in the new drive, do some minor lilo edits and I am done. The howto was kinda written for a 2.4 kernel I think so there are new things which are not showstoppers like the /sys file system. When I do the copy, the sys file also fails to copy because its kinda virtual. I've done the same upgrade on three different laptops moving up to different drive sizes and on a desktop moving from a collapsing ide drive to fast scsi drive.

Works very well for me.

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