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Re: New hibernate shows strange behaviour

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Steven Ihde wrote:

Flushing all pending writes/journal entries is a good idea but I don't
think it will solve the problem.  The suspended kernel may also have
clean disk blocks cached in memory when you suspend.

You may boot another kernel and change a file, which resides on one of
these blocks the suspended kernel has cached.
Well, my idea was that if I once used a different kernel the swap space
would be used by this kernel and thus there is nothing to resume from.
Perhaps this was naive (as I wrote in the FAQ which I was pointed to
the swap space was marked invalid).

I don't know that any of this actually happens -- I'm just guessing.
Maybe SwSusp2 flushes all block caches (not just pending writes, but
cleans out caches completely).  Somebody please correct me if I'm
IMHO this would be reasonable - at least an option for those paranoid
people like me would be fine.

Kind regards



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