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Re: Kernel load times on a Thinkpad T30....

OoO Vers la fin de l'après-midi  du lundi 07 février 2005, vers 16:37,
Michael R Head <burner@suppressingfire.org> disait:

> I've noticed that it takes a significantly longer amount of time for my
> thinkpad (t30 w/5400 RPM drive) to load the kernel compared to just
> about any other machine I compare it to, even a very old P5-133 desktop
> machine. 

> There's about a half-second between each progress '.', whereas on other
> machines (even other laptops I've tried) the progress dots appear on the
> screen very quickly (the entire load process takes maybe a second or
> two).

This  may  be  related  to  the  fact that  laptops  boot  using  very
conservative settings, for example,  no DMA, where as desktop machines
have  a more complete  BIOS that  allows to  tweak those  settings and
therefore, they can be set to more performant defaults.

When the kernel is fully loaded, all this does not matter any more.
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