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Re: Laptop recomendation?

On Saturday 01 January 2005 01:51, Mark M wrote:
> 3. Battery life: I am hoping to use the laptop for 2 things: 1. video
> editing/dvd burning from camera with firewire. 2. Using on longdistance
> flights (but not video editing). I guess for video/burning dvd's I want
> a fast processor eg the pentium M 3GHz. But for extended battery life I
> want a slower low power processor.
If I should choose a model from Dell, it'd be one of the Inspiron 8xxx-series. 
I know two personally, who've installed and use Debian on their Inspiron 
The Inspiron 8600's have a hefty processor, long battery life, a IEEE1394-port 
and possibility of extending the battery life further (using a mediabay-style 
battery). And they can be bought for money, too.
I also know that they have relatively long battery life out of the box, and 
without ever speedstepping, one of my friends achieved 2hrs life on a 
year-old battery.
I have no experience with other brands then Dell, though.

According to http://intel.com/products/notebook/processors/pentiumm/index.htm 
there's no such thing as a Pentium M at 3 GHz. Where have you heard of it?

> So my question is: can I improve battery life on say a 3GHz pentium M
> by slowing down the clockspeed in BIOS to say 1GHz or 500MHz?
By the way: Speedstepping is done on-the-fly from userspace these days.

> Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks, Mark.

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