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Laptop recomendation?

Hi, Apologies if this is OT.

I have never bought a laptop before and was hoping for some

I am hoping for advice on the following:

1. What gotachas are there? eg. I have found out about a partition you
should keep intact for hibernation mode. Is this OS independant? Or
only for MSwindows? Is there anything else I really need to know (of
course I will be installing debian on it).

2. Reliability - I will be driving around for a total of 1hr per day
with the laptop on my back on a motor cycle, and get a 3 year warranty.
Are any particular brands better? Sony? Toshiba?

3. Battery life: I am hoping to use the laptop for 2 things: 1. video
editing/dvd burning from camera with firewire. 2. Using on longdistance
flights (but not video editing). I guess for video/burning dvd's I want
a fast processor eg the pentium M 3GHz. But for extended battery life I
want a slower low power processor.

So my question is: can I improve battery life on say a 3GHz pentium M
by slowing down the clockspeed in BIOS to say 1GHz or 500MHz?

I have been looking at the sony PCGK76P or toshiba P35?.

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

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