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Re: Laptop recomendation?

Might as well add my 2cents...

I recently did a laptop purchase and settled on a Fuijitsu (C-series).  Reason
was that it was rated highly, one of the very few notebooks still made in
quality-central Japan.  And it had all the features I wanted (example I may
have opted for an IBM, if they still had legacy ports).

Everything else is made in Taiwan, China etc.  IBM is still rated high at the
moment, but will probably change within the next year as the new Chinese
company that bought out their notebook/PC line takes hold.

So if you buy IBM, get it quick.

Dell, I've heard mixed reports about.  Some like them and some despise them.

And if you are searching for a gamer's notebook, try looking at Sager (or the
Canadian equivalent Eurocom).

Hope this helps.


On 01-Jan-2005 Anders Breindahl wrote:
> On Saturday 01 January 2005 01:51, Mark M wrote:
>> 3. Battery life: I am hoping to use the laptop for 2 things: 1. video
>> editing/dvd burning from camera with firewire. 2. Using on longdistance
>> flights (but not video editing). I guess for video/burning dvd's I want
>> a fast processor eg the pentium M 3GHz. But for extended battery life I
>> want a slower low power processor.
> If I should choose a model from Dell, it'd be one of the Inspiron
> 8xxx-series. 
> I know two personally, who've installed and use Debian on their Inspiron 
> 8600's.
> The Inspiron 8600's have a hefty processor, long battery life, a
> IEEE1394-port 
> and possibility of extending the battery life further (using a mediabay-style
> battery). And they can be bought for money, too.
> I also know that they have relatively long battery life out of the box, and 
> without ever speedstepping, one of my friends achieved 2hrs life on a 
> year-old battery.
> I have no experience with other brands then Dell, though.
> According to http://intel.com/products/notebook/processors/pentiumm/index.htm
> there's no such thing as a Pentium M at 3 GHz. Where have you heard of it?
>> So my question is: can I improve battery life on say a 3GHz pentium M
>> by slowing down the clockspeed in BIOS to say 1GHz or 500MHz?
> By the way: Speedstepping is done on-the-fly from userspace these days.
>> Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks, Mark.
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