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OT Re: Laptop recomendation?

On Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 11:51:16AM +1100, Mark M wrote:
1. gotchas / partition for hibernation

The extra partition is just for APM.  Use ACPI and swsusp.
It uses your swap part.
Be advised that hiberanation in Linux is extremely problematic.
I don't bother with it.

2. Reliability
3. Battery life

You can either have:

1. Thick -n- Heavy -n- Really Cheap -n- Low Powered
-> 8LB underpowered celeron for under $1000
-> No battery life

2. Thin -n- Light -n- Pretty Cheap -n- Low Powered
-> Something like a ~1ghz very light 12" screen for about $1500
-> Great battery life

3. Thick -n- Heavy -n- Moderately Price -n- Desktop Equivalent
-> Desktop P4 with 15" screen
-> No battery life

4. Thin -n- Light -n- Insanely Expensive -n- Still Low Powered
-> $3000 beautiful thing that is still low as hell for some stuff
-> Good battery life

I chose #2 this time.  I got a $1600 Desktop P4 3.0 Ghz with 256MB
of ram and a 80GB 5400 RPM HD and an XP Pro license.  For about an
additional $1000 dollars I added: 1GB extra ram, 60 GB 7200 RPM HD,
external USB adapter for the bigger slower HD, and a 3-year "even
if it's your fault we'll fix it 3-day turn-around golden carpet"

The tradeoff is no battery life.  Do something else on the plane.
Get a nice handheld or fly first class and get an airline adapter.

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