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Re: resume from standby with power button

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 03:15 +0100, Salvatore Sittinieri wrote:
> Hi boys, that's my first post here... i'm a very happy debian user and i
> tried to tune up my dabian sarge on my new asus w1n... now i encountered
> some difficulties on configuring how the notebook should resume from
> standby...
> I use gnome so, i set the battery applet and i associated "echo 3 >
> /proc/acpi/sleep" to standby notebook with a simple click... all worked
> flawless! but how to resume it??? Is there only a way ... with the power
> button... it works, but when resume, the system calls the halt routine
> associated to this button, so after resume for standby the system goes
> for shutdown! Is there a way to make all works?

In /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh you can specify what the system does, when you
press the powerbutton. But I'm not sure if this script is called when
you press the powerbutton to come out of resumed state. To try, just
move it out of the way.

> SoRRY for my english , thanks anticipately, and marry christmas
> everybody.
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