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Re: Dell 700m SD cardslot - HowToUse?

Derek Broughton wrote:
On Wednesday 15 December 2004 04:10, Juraj Ziegler wrote:

Benedek Frank wrote:

lspci reports the following.

0000:02:04.3 Unknown mass storage controller: Texas Instruments
PCI7420/PCI7620 Dual Socket CardBus and Smart Card Cont. w/ 1394a-2000
OHCI Two-PortPHY/Link-Layer Cont. an

On my IBM Thinkpad X20, there is also a built-in CompactFlash reader. It is
connected to the PCMCIA bus and the card is available as /dev/hda.

Hda?  That would normally be your primary IDE drive.  /dev/sda, perhaps?

hde. early morning, no coffee :). USB storage devices appear as SCSI stuff, pcmcia storage devices appear as IDE stuff.

At first glance, when I saw "CardBus" in the output above, I thought this
is your case as well, but I'm not 100% sure.

No, CardBus is just the 32-bit version of PCMCIA. So it looks like it's reporting one controller for the two slots: the single-slot cardbus and the second slot for the Smart Card.

I know what CardBus is. And I know, why I was not sure :).


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