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Re: Tecra 8000 sound

I have a Tecra 8100 and I just use sndconfig to set up sound. Configure
it as a Soundblaster Pro (with the default settings) and you might be in
business. I'm not sure if the chipset is the same between models but you
might want to give it a shot. 

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 23:19 -0600, Ted Parks wrote:
> I have tried in vain to configure the OPL3SA2 card on my Toshiba Tecra
> 8000 running Sarge. Having used apt-get to obtain alsa-drivers,
> alsa-base, and alsa-utils, the card still does not work.
> 1) When I modprobre snd-opl3sa2, I get an error saying Debian cannot
> find the module, though it is there. What is the problem?
> 2) I wonder if this could be an ISA problem. But when I ran pnpdump >
> /etc/isapnp.conf , no PnP information showed up. Is it necessary to
> have the IRQs and other information correctly entered in the
> isapnp.conf file for the card to work? Why doesn't Sarge know what PnP
> devices I have?
> 3) Any help at all in getting the sound to work? I think I have
> figured out how to load the OSS drivers, but when I try to run aumix,
> I get an error here, too. Help!
> Thanks,
> Ted Parks

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