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Tecra 8000 sound

I have tried in vain to configure the OPL3SA2 card on my Toshiba Tecra
8000 running Sarge. Having used apt-get to obtain alsa-drivers,
alsa-base, and alsa-utils, the card still does not work.

1) When I modprobre snd-opl3sa2, I get an error saying Debian cannot
find the module, though it is there. What is the problem?

2) I wonder if this could be an ISA problem. But when I ran pnpdump >
/etc/isapnp.conf , no PnP information showed up. Is it necessary to
have the IRQs and other information correctly entered in the
isapnp.conf file for the card to work? Why doesn't Sarge know what PnP
devices I have?

3) Any help at all in getting the sound to work? I think I have
figured out how to load the OSS drivers, but when I try to run aumix,
I get an error here, too. Help!

Ted Parks

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