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Re: Doesn't *somebody* have the patched Orinoco drivers?

Am 2004-12-09 16:42:25, schrieb Joe Emenaker:
> Okay.... I've been wanting to try AirSnort, Kismet, and a few 
> auto-wlan-detect-and-confgure apps for some time, but I've got a Dell 
> TrueMobile 1150, which uses the orinoco driver.
> The orinoco driver in the stock Debian kernels, so it seems, does not 
> support "monitor" mode, which is needed for all of these nifty tools to 
> do their job.
> Now, there is a *patch* available 
> (http://airsnort.shmoo.com/orinocoinfo.html) for the pcmcia-cs modules 
> and also you can get the orinoco driver all by itself 
> (http://www.nongnu.org/orinoco/).
> Problem is, even when I follow the directions, download the full kernel 
> source, copy the config for my kernel from /boot, symlink 
> /lib/modules/<version>/build to point to the kernel source in /usr/src, 
> I still get tons of unfound include files, etc....
> Whenever I try to do anything involving self-compiled kernels or 
> modules, it usually takes me a week of frustration and then I give up.

If you have compiled the kernel the Debian-Way with

make-kpkg --append-to-version mykernel --revision1 --config menuconfig \
configure binary-arch

You had gotten two paclages, the kernel-image and kernel-headers or

make-kpkg --append-to-version mykernel --revision1 --config menuconfig \
configure binary

to get kernel-source and kernel-doc too.

Normaly it is enough to install the right Kernel-Headers to compile
additional modules.

Which mean you need:

1)  kernel-headers   FOR YOUR KERNEL

2)  pcmcia-source   because you need to recompile the whole stuff


> But the orinoco drivers are so popular that I'd think *somebody* must 
> have compiled versions of them somewhere...

Do it your self

Everybody which compiles the kernel self, need to compile the right
pcmcia-cs modules too, which mean, no one can do it for you except
you can give out the kernel-headers

> ... anybody?
> - Joe
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