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Pentium-Classic Laptop/PCMCIA-Ethernet-Card

Hi there!

This is my hardware:
Innovace HB600PX-Laptop with Pentium 100, ISA- and VL-Bus, 2 PCMCIA-Slots
Goldstar LPNCII-10/100 PCMCIA "Realport PC Card": Ethernet of course. Should work with the 8390 or pcnet_cs or both modules.

This is my OS:
Debian Woody rc1

This is my problem:
"ifconfig" doesn't list eth0.
"/etc/pcmcia/network start eth0" prints "usage: network [action] [device name] ...". pcmcia-cs doesn't seem to load any modules if the card is plugged, although the "beeps" for connection and ejection are hearable.
Even if the modules are loaded by hand, no eth0 appears in the system.

Where it all began...:
It began at the installation of Debian Woody: The Installer booted with the kernel on the "rescue.bin" image (I guess it was 2.2.20). The PCMCIA-Card was plugged, but it wasn't recognized, so I started installation with cdrom. Since I had no connection to the Internet, no security-updates could be downloaded. Maybe my problem has something to do with this: Because the installer didn't recognize the card and no other network-devices were availiable, the network configuration just let me enter a hostname and a domain, but skipped in entering an IP-Adress and therefore several installation-scripts for programs which I installed afterwards have been terminated with an error-message, that said sth. like: couldn't state hostname. Funny thing: I had to enter a "fantasy"-IP-Adress in /etc/hosts and the errors never accured any more. Meanwhile I tried several selfmade kernels (2.2.22 and 2.4.18) - the driver for the pcmcia-device i855467 (or whatever) was compiled in, the driver for the card was compiled as a module - I tried some packages like "hotplug", but I still have no connection to the network.

Maybe I have to "dpkg-reconfigure" sth., but I just don't know what. Etherconf f.e. doesnt't recognize any network cards either - with or without the modules for the card.

Any idea?


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