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dell c810 problems


I try to install debian on a dell c810 laptop.
I have problems with the computer freezing. A friend
suggested, that it could be the acpi, so I pass to the
kernel acpi=off at boot time, but it still freezes.
I updated the bios to the latest one that dell
provides, changed the bios settings to disable power
management (hdd stops etc.), but still have the same

However, I succeeded to install a working debian
system (that still freezes after some minutes of
Further I cannot configure properly the X server..
There might be something wrong in the refresh rates..
Under windows this laptop maintaines 1600x1200@60Hz.
What I get is "something" (splash of random colors)
that doesn't seem to be anything, and it changes the
way the other consoles appear in a way, that the
display moves down under the screen and comes back
from above. And when in text mode, everything is
small.. it uses not more than 800x600 pixels in the
centrum of the display.

I searched everywhere and I didn't find an answer for
how I should solve those 2 problems.

Thanks in advance,

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