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Re: Acpi Suspend Problem, 2.6.8 Kernel, will suspend, wont resume


Am Freitag, den 03.12.2004, 16:02 -0800 schrieb Benedek Frank:
> I have APCI on my laptop, and I am trying to make it work now.
What is the brand and model of your laptop? ACPI is implemented very
differently in the various laptops out there. Some manufacturers seem to
pay less attention in implementing the ACPI-standard ...

> Suspend didnt work, but I found the solution on Google. I had to remove the 
> USB before it could suspend. So I removed the module, and did the suspend. 
> The computer quickly goes into suspend mode, and the power light starts to 
> blink. All looks good. 
Maybe you should start by suspending from the console first, then from
within X. I will try to give you some hints on what to do first:

- look up your model and brand and take a look at
- try to unload as many modules as possible prior to suspending
- are you using the framebuffer, this can prevent your laptop from
wakingup, too
- post your suspend-script here as others may see an error when looking
at it


Tobias Bachmor <tobias@bachmor.de>

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