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Re: Sony Ericsson GC79 802.11g/GPRS modem pcmcia card

David A. Patterson wrote:

Hi all,

This is the saga so far -
Purchased one of these cards to enable wireless modem over T-Mobile
contract from T-Mobile, as the coverage areas in US meet my needs, etc.,
and have read in various places that the card can be made to work.

The laptop is an HP Compaq nx7010 w/ipw2100 wi-fi, sl-modem compatible
landline winmodem, smc-ircc FIR, yenta pcmcia cardbus, wbsd cardreader,
ethernet, a gig of ram, 1.5 mHZ Centrino chipset, and a partridge in a
pear tree.  Running Testing distro on a 2.6.9 stable kernel from the
Linux Kernel Archives.

All has been made to work to this point except this wireless modem
thingy.  Docs I've found to this point have indicated that the driver
for the modem is the serial_cs module, but I can't get serial_cs to
recognize the card.  Heck, it won't even load.

Now, then - the wi-fi side of the card loads fine with an ndiswrapper
driver, and the card registers to /dev/ttyS14 as a 16550A.

Anybody have an Idea?

Thanks in advance,

I was thinking about buying one of these cards, but was leery that I'd be able to get it working under Linux too. ;-)

My understanding is that on the GPRS side of things, the card just acts like a Hayes-compatible modem. Have you tried opening up minicom to /dev/ttyS14 and sending it "AT" commands manually to see if it responds? Finding the "correct" AT commands to get it to "connect" to the network might be an interesting exercise, but that's my understanding of how that half of the card works.

It's good to hear at least the 802.11 part of the card works with ndiswrapper, if nothing else. Which model do you have? I thought the Sony card was only 802.11b, not 802.11g.


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