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Re: Sony Ericsson GC79 802.11g/GPRS modem pcmcia card

Success! I'm posting this from the bar car on a train bound for Chicago.

I modified the scripts generated by pppconfig with the well written info
I found here:

The speed's not Wi-Fi, but it's a modem on a train.

I used the driver found in the WLAN directory of the T-Mobile software
disk for ndiswrapper.  Ndiswrapper and serial_cs can coincide next to
each other in the kernel, so I don't have to load and unload modules all
the time.  The problem I had with serial_cs not loading was my screwup
in trying to hack the problem at 3 in the morning, and was a trivial and
obvious fix after I had some sleep.

The distro disk also has all docs relating to the card in pdf form,
including the entire AT command set for it.

The one thing that had to be done in the script that's unique to the
card is run AT+CFUN=1,1 prior to any other commands, as that enables the
card to break out of factory set.

If anybody needs, I'll post my scripts.



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