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Re: USB DVD burner for laptop, Debian compatible?

Benedek Frank wrote:
> Thanks, this is looking very very good. But I am still worried, as this unit 
> also comes with a Power Supply, which makes me think, that it is in fact has 
> to be plugged in when burning, and may be used for reading powered from the 
> USB.

I think you will find that all writers need more power than is
possible to be supplied by the USB.

I have a compaq nc4000 with an external dvd/cdrw on the usb.  It has a
special usb wire that taps into the power plug immediately adjacent to
the usb on the laptop.  So it has been designed from the start with
the ability to use the external only from the laptop without an
external supply by using a cable that provides the extra power from
the back of the labtop.  This is exactly what you want.  But it must
be designed in from the start.  If you don't have something similar
then I think you are out of luck.

As for your questions about compatibility with Debian, a usb device
will look like a scsi device and reside at /dev/sda or /dev/sdb or
whatever.  So I believe you are good for compatibility for all usb
storage devices.  This is not anything that is Debian specific.  It is
a linux kernel thing and would be true for all distros using any
particular kernel.  I have used both linux 2.4 and linux 2.6 writing
cdr media on my external usb drive with no trouble.  YMMV.


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