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Re: Alsa HP zv5000 ATI IXP150 AC'97

On Monday 29 November 2004 10:27, mateuszmm@interia.pl wrote:
> thx a lot for advice, but I'll need some more help, (Sorry I'm quit fresh
> in Debian only 3 weeks expierance) That means I made syslink, but then I
> could't run "dpkg-reconfigure alsa-source", couse I got message:"
> alsa-source is not installed", I installed alsa from .deb packeges. (I've
> try to install from source, which I download from alsa-project.org, but as
> I wrote before There was:"error: You have built-in ALSA in your kernel.")
> So my question is :Should I install alsa-source? and second: What that
> means - "recompile alsa module". I try to find out(google) but I still
> don't understand:( regards
> Mateusz
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I had this problem and found a solution yesterday.  I upgraded the
machine to the latest 2.6.9 (on unstable) and then as sound had never 
worked from installation I ran alsaconf which now detects the sound
card correctly, and sound works.

For some reason (I think it may be due to a problem with writing CDs)
the default that is installed currently is 2.6.8, but 2.6.9 is available and
does seem to solve this problem.

This is not an an HP 5000, but on a Samsung P28, but the sound chip
set is the same.


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