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Re: Re: Alsa HP zv5000 ATI IXP150 AC'97

thx a lot for advice, but I'll need some more help, (Sorry I'm quit fresh in Debian only 3 weeks expierance)
That means I made syslink, but then I could't run "dpkg-reconfigure alsa-source",
couse I got message:" alsa-source is not installed", I installed alsa from .deb packeges.
(I've try to install from source, which I download from alsa-project.org, but as I wrote before There was:"error: You have built-in ALSA in your kernel.")
So my question is :Should I install alsa-source? and second: What that means - "recompile alsa module". I try to find out(google) but I still don't understand:(

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