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Re: dhclient

On Sun, Nov 28, 2004 at 07:01:31AM -0800, Rony wrote:
} Hi,
} Everytime when i plug in the lan cable, i run dhclient. I know there's
} a package called laptop-net, maybe i'll try it later. Now i'm just
} manually start dhclient. After running for awhile, i cannot ping other
} website anymore but the internet connection is still ok though, still
} can browsing, chat, etc. just cannot ping. And the etc/resolv.conf
} contains a line "search". Everytime i must edit the file, type in
} nameserver [the ip]. And after running awhile, it will disappear and
} change to a line "search" again. How can i configure, so that the
} nameserver value i enter remains there. Lease timeout? Many thx in
} advance for the advice.


I think you are looking at two different issues here, and combining them
into one question. The first part is the dhclient bit. I use 'ifplugd'
on my cabled interfaces, so that when a cord is [dis]connected, the
dhclient request is handled for me.

Secondly, the resolv.conf issue *probably* relates to your dhcp server.
It looks (and smells) like the dhcp request is getting an IP, but that
the DNS portion needs to be configured or tweaked in some way. My
current setup uses 'udhcpd', but I have to specify which IP's are
populated into the resolv.conf file. (If you choose to use udhcpd and
need help, email me off list.)

Additionally, after a period of time your resolv.conf file will change
because your lease on the IP address assigned to you renews, and when
your computer requests a new lease, and when given a new IP it will also
update your resolv.conf file automatically. This should be the expected
outcome; again, you are probably suffering from a broken dhcp server




D. Frye
dafr AT peakpeak.com
dafr AT switchgrassdrive.com

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