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Re: dhclient

On Sunday 28 November 2004 13:06, Martin Hauser wrote:
> Hello,
> > Everytime when i plug in the lan cable, i run dhclient. I know there's
> > a package called laptop-net, maybe i'll try it later. Now i'm just
> > manually start dhclient. After running for awhile, i cannot ping other
> > website anymore but the internet connection is still ok though, still
> > can browsing, chat, etc. just cannot ping. And the etc/resolv.conf
> > contains a line "search". Everytime i must edit the file, type in
> > nameserver [the ip]. And after running awhile, it will disappear and
> > change to a line "search" again. How can i configure, so that the
> > nameserver value i enter remains there. Lease timeout? Many thx in
> > advance for the advice.
> if i were use, i'd exchange dhclient with dhcpcd (dhcp client daemon)
> which works much better for me. You have to set the /etc/resolv.conf
> yourself then, as far as i know, at least i do it that way. (i've
> written a small script which linkes the /etc/resolv.something to
> /etc/resolv.conf depending on what connection i give on the command line
> cause i have several networks to connect on )

dhclient works great for me - better than dhcpcd used to (perhaps its 
improved).  The problem doesn't look like it's the dhcp client, anyway - 
something is tromping on his resolv.conf

You should both try installing resolvconf.  No more manually updating the 

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