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Longrun, gkrellongrun plugin for Crusoe CPU NEC laptop doest work


I have a NEC UltraLite Crusoe laptop and I run an up-to-date Sarge on it. 
Everything works right, Longrun included. However, I would like to monitor 
the Longrun status at all times, and found the Gkrellongrun package. So I did 

apt-get install gkrellongrun which installed the package and the GKrellM as 
well. GkrellM starts fine, but the plugin wont load for some reason. I 
googles my tail off, but have not found a solution yet.

When I go to the GKrellM preferences, and plugins beneath that, I dont see 
anything. So I go to the install logs, and the following error awaits me:

 Error: /usr/lib/gkrellm2/plugins/gkrellongrun.so: undefined symbol: 

I dont know how to follow through. I would love to see the Mhz the CPU is 
running at all times.

The cpuid and msr devices are readable writable at what the package's 
maintainer suggest on the website.



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