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Re: Cannot boot Dell inspiron GRUB error

On Mon, Nov 22, 2004 at 04:46:12PM +0000, Wendy Leigh Vandoolaeghe wrote:
> hi All 
> i have a very annoying problem that i need urgent help with.
> the background: I have a Dell inspiron 8600 with a Debian partition, 
> Windows XP partition and the usual Dellutility FAT. I wanted to resize my 
> partitions and used partition magic 8.1. i made sure no applications were 
> running and that i selected the right partitions to resize. the program 
> takes ages so i left and came after a while just to get a few error 
> messages "could not complete operations...missing/broked inodes..". i soon 
> realised that gmail notifier was running in the background and thought that 
> this must have upset the whole resizing procedure (maybe). so i killed 
> gmail notifier and ran partition magic again. though this time i couldn't 
> select my linux partition at all. Feeling fed up, i booted into Debian as 
> usual. I use GRUB, so it said GRUB LOADING. PLEASE WAIT.... but then ERROR 
> 17. (=cannot detect selected partition). and then it hung. hitting 
> Ctrl-Alt-Del gave me the boot up menu and i could run Dell diagnositics, 
> but still got the error 17.

First thing I would do would be to boot the system from a live-cd, check the
partitions (if they are what you want), reinstall grub.


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management." -- Dilbert

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