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Debian RC2 on an IBM ThinkPad 600e

Hello list I’ve been reading for a while and now I have a question.


I know you all saw the IBM TP 600e and groaned, but this more of a success story with a general Debian question… I thought I would ask here because I’m subscribed.


I’ve got a TP 600e with a mostly successful install, everything works so far (I haven’t dove into the APM stuff yet).


My question is about hotplug and kernel modules… I have got my sound to work, but right now it is a kludge… after load up I run a little shell script I wrote to remove all the cs46xx modules and then load my cs4232 modules… the thing is, although it works it is less than elegant. 


How can I get it to QUIT loading cs46xx on boot up, I’ve tried blacklisting it… but it loads before that apparently… when I do a lspci the audio card is identified incorrectly (as a PCI card, even though I’ve been told it is an ISA card).  The card is NOT PNP… I know I probably could just rename the .ko, but I’m trying to actually understand how the boot process works.


Anyone have any really handy links of kernel startup and/or hotplug.  Am I missing something really simple?


TIA for any pointers.


Eric G. van der Paardt

Systems Administrator

Bishop Fixture & Millwork

101 Eagle Dr.

Balsam Lake, WI 54801


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