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Re: Trying to achieve hi-res console (framebuffer)

Apparently, _Curt Howland_, on 11/11/04 10:13,typed:
Unfortunately, although I've been running 2.6 since 2.6.4, the statement "vga=791" in lilo.conf has worked perfectly, just like it did with 2.4.


On Thursday 11 November 2004 09:43, Kevin Collins was heard to say:

Has anyone been able to use a 2.6.x kernel and get a hi-res
framebuffer? Of those that can, can you post the relevent portions
of your kernel config for me?

Does it work properly in 2.6.9 as well? I tried this in Inspiron 5160 and it gives me kind of noisy screen for the top 20% or so and the rest of the screen is blank.

However, 2.6.7 works properly with vga=791.


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