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Trying to achieve hi-res console (framebuffer)

I've been struggling for two days trying to get my Compaq Presario
X1029cl to go into hi-res consoles or framebuffer.  Until I switched to
kernel 2.6.x, I had always been able to simply add a statement to the
kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst file like "vga=791" to achieve what I
was after.

Not one time with the 2.6.x series have I been able to get it done.
I've tried these various incarnations:


Anything with the vesa statement provides a normal console (80x25).
Anything with radeonfb or vesafb without the 1024x768@60 provides a
blackscreen during bootup.  This doesn't lock the machine up, I just can
see anything that happening.
The radeonfb and vesafb with the 1024x768@60 statements provide a normal
console (80x25)
The vga= statement gives me a blank screen as well.

Has anyone been able to use a 2.6.x kernel and get a hi-res framebuffer?
Of those that can, can you post the relevent portions of your kernel
config for me?

Thanks in advance,
Kevin L. Collins, MCSE
Systems Manager
Nesbitt Engineering, Inc.
   "But the important thing is persistence." -Calvin trying to juggle eggs

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