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Re: laptop Acer 1350 + fn keys


am Montag, 8. November 2004 10:01 schrieb Shafeek Sumser:
> Hi
> I have installed debian sarge on my laptop Acer Aspire
> 1350LC.  Since I need to do presentation with the
> laptop, i have put a video projector connected to my
> VGA out.
> On windows, pressing fn + F5, i can changed from
> either my lcd on my laptop or the video projector and
> both.
> But to my great surprise i cannot do the same thing on
> my debian OS.

Try to boot with the video projrctor plugged into Your laptop . For my Acer 
Aspire 1513LMi this woraround works. ;)

> Since, I need Linux/Debian to do presentation, some
> helps are badly needed to activate the fn keys.



Robin Haunschild

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