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Power Management On Dell Inspiron 3800

I've just install Debian 3r2 on a Dell Insipirion 3800, and the install
worked great and everything seems to work just fine, except that the
fan is on all the time as if the laptop is overheating. I have built a
2.24.27 kernel with APM enabled, but it doesn't make any difference.
From the time I boot the system, the fan comes on and stays on
running at max. Its louder than my Desktop!! I tried to install lmsensors,
but it appears that my laptop is not supported.

What can I do to enable some kind of power management or fan

Thanks in advance,

Configuration Info:
Laptop: Dell Inspiron 3800
Memory: 64 MB Ram
Hard Disk: 6 GB
Swap Space: 512 MB

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