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Re: diagnosing devastating startup failure

Try disconnecting the battery and connecting it again, or try using it with 
the battery off the computer, and so on. I am by no means sure if this will 
work, but it's easy, so you might as well try it. It saved me a couple of 
times when my Compaq wouldn't boot, however I hadn't open mine.

Good luck!


On Tuesday November 2 2004 11:40 am, Matt Price wrote:
> Hello laptopers,
> I recently replaced the hard drive in my hp omnibook 4100.  Everything
> sent fine at first, but when I went to reboot this morning power dies
> even before the BIOS screen comes on.  This happens even when I have a
> bootable KNOPPIX rescue disk in the cd tray.
> I am worried that I may have damaged the fragile HD chassis cable when I
> changed disks; but I'm loathe to takei t back out again b/c every time
> I open & shut it I worry more.  Does anyone out there recognize this
> problem, & can you give any advice on what to do?
> Thanks a lot,
> Matt
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