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Re: why cant i kill processes?

João Lourenço wrote:

Kill, by default, send SIGTERM (code 2) to the targeted process.   The
default behavior for such signal is to terminate the process ("man 1
kill" at the prompt). However, processes can defaine a signal handler to
process SIGTERM to do whatever you want it to.  In this case the process
will not terminate but resumed in the point where it was when the
handler was called.

Alternatively you may specify the code of the signal you want to send to
the process, such as in "kill -9 <pid>" or "kill -KILL <pid>".  SIGKILL
cannot be handled by processes, and the default (and only) behavior is
to terminate the process.  This is the "brute force" method., as no
cleanup handler will be called.

Also keep in mind that a program terminated this way will not be able to clean up, close open files etc.

I've had problems like this when I mixed compilers, ie. gcc 2.95 and 3.x for my kernel modules/binaries. After finally deciding for one of them, my problems went away.



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