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Re: n00b with 3c575 pcmcia trouble during hdd install

Jamie Schnapp wrote:
> I'm trying to put woody on a gateway solo 9300. CD drive doesn't like CDRs, 

Could you word wrap your messages?  Your original message went out to
hundreds of columns.  Makes it very hard to read.  Of course I word
wrapped it for my reply.

> go to /mnt/hda1/boot/drivers/lib/modules/2.2/pcmcia and attempt to insmod 
> pcmcia_core.o and 3c575_cb.o. First one loads without complaint, second 
> gives a "./3c575_cb.o: unresolved symbol unregister_driver" and of course, 
> "./3c575_cb.o: unresolved symol register_driver". I've tried this with both 
> vanilla and bf flavors with similar results. I have no idea what I'm doing 
> wrong. Any suggestions would be vastly appreciated.

Instead of using 'insmod' try using 'modprobe'.  The first (insmod)
will do exactly what you tell it and if there are unresolved symbols
will fail.  The second (modprobe) will try to load additional modules
as required to satisfy the dependencies.

  modprobe pcmcia_core
  modprobe 3c575_cb


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