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Re: Replying to spam (was: "Re:")

Alex Nordstrom wrote:
> At any rate, the original post itself are clearly unwanted (unsolicited) 
> e-mail to this list (bulk) and should be treated as spam. Any on-list 
> response merely adds to noise, so please refrain from it. That includes 
> attempted fun-poking as in the PE200-mau-combo thread above.
> Let's keep today's spike in off-topic posts to a normally useful list a 
> statistical anomaly. Thank you all.

There is actually another problem too and that is web search engines
like google indexing the mailing list archives.  Off topic postings
have caused some lists to be ranked high for certain searches.  That
cause other people using the search engine to continue to find the
wrong list for what they are looking for and long drawn out threads
quoting the messages again and again and refering to the original
message again and again inflate the page rank.  Fortunately this
particular example did not really have any useful search keywords.


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