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n00b with 3c575 pcmcia trouble during hdd install

Hey all, 

I'm trying to put woody on a gateway solo 9300. CD drive doesn't like CDRs, so I'm attempting to install using GRUB  and linux.in/root.bin/rescue.bin/drivers.tgz from a Win2k partition. HDDs are partitioned and ready to go and GRUB is working fine. dbootstrap runs and I exit out to a shell in order to load the modules for my 3Com 3cxfe575ct cardbus nic, as per the installation manual. I mount the Win2k partition, go to /mnt/hda1/boot/drivers/lib/modules/2.2/pcmcia and attempt to insmod pcmcia_core.o and 3c575_cb.o. First one loads without complaint, second gives a "./3c575_cb.o: unresolved symbol unregister_driver" and of course, "./3c575_cb.o: unresolved symol register_driver". I've tried this with both vanilla and bf flavors with similar results. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions would be vastly appreciated.

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