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Replying to spam (was: "Re:")

At the risk of sounding grumpy and appearing to single you out (which is 
not my intention, well, maybe to sound grumpy)...

On Saturday, 30 Oct 2004 03:14, Alvin Smith wrote:
> On Friday 29 October 2004 02:32 pm, garry waddington wrote:
> > please help I have formatted my cf62 laptop to put w98 se on it
> > wont let me boot up please help
> boot w98 cd to command prompt.  run fdisk /mbr.

While I fully respect your intentions, considering the OP is unaware
- of how to write a subject line,
- that HTML messages contrary to code of conduct and common sense, and
- that his question is clearly off-topic,
it is unlikely that he knows how to subscribe to the list or read the 
archives. It is therefore also unlikely that he will ever see your 

The aforementioned assumes the OP is an actual human being (and if 
that's the case, where on earth do all these people get the idea that 
debian-laptop is a friendly bloke willing to help with any and all 
issues related to laptops?). The possibility of the OP merely being a 
bot fishing for contact details or who-knows-what cannot be ignored.

At any rate, the original post itself are clearly unwanted (unsolicited) 
e-mail to this list (bulk) and should be treated as spam. Any on-list 
response merely adds to noise, so please refrain from it. That includes 
attempted fun-poking as in the PE200-mau-combo thread above.

Let's keep today's spike in off-topic posts to a normally useful list a 
statistical anomaly. Thank you all.

Alex Nordstrom
Please do not CC me in followups;
I am subscribed to debian-laptop.

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