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Re: [OT] USB device allocation

On Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 10:53:42AM +0200, Koen Vermeer wrote:
> Op vr 29-10-2004, om 01:11 schreef debian-laptop@lists.debian.org:
> > > Is there a way of forcing a usb device (in this case a usb flash 
> > > drive) to always connect as /dev/sdb?
> > I have missed a bit from this post! thanks for the suggestions re udev, 
> > I should have stated before that I am running kernel 2.4.24. Udev 
> > requires 2.6.
> I know that RedHat uses something called devlabel. You could try to look
> for that.

somebody on debian-italian did this using updfstab and libpam-devperm.
May be worth a look.


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