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Re: [OT] USB device allocation

On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 10:07:24PM +1000, debian-laptop@lists.debian.org wrote:
> Is there a way of forcing a usb device (in this case a usb flash drive) 
> to always connect as /dev/sdb?
> I have a camera that I also connect to my laptop, which I would prefer 
> to always be connected as dev/sda mainly for ease of use by family members.
> i.e. if I have my usb drive connected first, and then my partner wishes 
> to connect the camera she will get very confused by the fact that when 
> she clicks on the camera icon on the desktop, it will open the USB 
> drive, unless I have removed the drive, in which case error messages 
> will pop up and she'll have kittens (a bit computer-phobic my partner).
Best solution I've found so far: updfstab-2.6


It requiers 2.6 kernel, udev and hotplug.  It will automatically create
a mountpoint under /media (if you dare touch the script, you can change
it it's not too hard) and add the appropriate entry to /etc/fstab.

You can point your icons, automounters or whatnot to the stable
mountpoint under /media.

The same author has another script, this one for devfs and 2.4,
available at http://ccomb.free.fr/usbstorage/updfstab-2.4.  Obviously,
not maintained anymore, but hey, 2.6 has been here for a while, it's
nice and stable.  Time to take the leap!


Ivan Fernández

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