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Re: [OT] USB device allocation

debian-laptop@lists.debian.org wrote:

I know it's off topic, but this is one of the few mailing lists I am subscribed to that has useful information and intelligent respondents (most of the time) :)

Is there a way of forcing a usb device (in this case a usb flash drive) to always connect as /dev/sdb?

I have a camera that I also connect to my laptop, which I would prefer to always be connected as dev/sda mainly for ease of use by family members. i.e. if I have my usb drive connected first, and then my partner wishes to connect the camera she will get very confused by the fact that when she clicks on the camera icon on the desktop, it will open the USB drive, unless I have removed the drive, in which case error messages will pop up and she'll have kittens (a bit computer-phobic my partner).

any pointers/links to useful information would be greatly appreciated.



I have missed a bit from this post! thanks for the suggestions re udev, I should have stated before that I am running kernel 2.4.24. Udev requires 2.6.

Alternatively, has anybody managed to get 3d acceleration on a radeon 7500 working under 2.6.x? If I could get that going I would run a 2.6.x kernel!



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