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Re: a question on this laptop if ok..

Op di 26-10-2004, om 22:47 schreef Jackie:
> I just bought a used one the shadow ram can be turned off and on by
> hitting enter when disabled is highlighted. I have turned it on and
> off doing that way, Hope that helps . 
> but my question is do you have any idea where to get a users manual
> for this computer i just bought mine used and manual did not come with
> it. I would like to get to know it really well but cant even tell
> totally what i have in it. 
> Any help you could give me as to finding a manual would be greatly
> appreciate.

Try using google and search for 'laptop manual'. I found 3.530.000 hits.
It is a bit confusing though, since it seems there are actually
different laptop manuals floating around the net. Maybe they are just
different versions, and you can do a BIOS upgrade.

It is also off topic, since this is not really related to Debian.


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