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[OT] Toshiba Batteries

I'm in the U.S. and need a replacement battery.  Anyone have any
comments or suggestions on where to mail order a new battery?  Or even
anything to avoid?  Think it makes a difference if I buy a "Toshiba"
branded battery?

Otherwise, I'll just do my best with Google.

  http://www.shopmemory.net/mjmsfqcbugps24.html  $92 (not OEM)
  http://www.kahlon.com/itemdetailpg.asp?itemid=911142 $69 (not OEM)
  http://store.yahoo.com/laptopsforless/pa3107u-1brs.html ($99)
    That one is interesting.  Notice the enlarged photo has the
    original Toshiba lable, but the photo has been modified to
    erase the "TOSHIBA" at the top of the lable.


Bill Moseley

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