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Re: pcmcia

Concerning "testing"...

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 12:05, Derek Broughton was heard to say:
> It will _never_ be in a less self-compatible or functional state
> than Sid.

That is belied by my own experience. I have received emails in regards 
to this back-and-forth saying that they had the same experience as I. 
There have been several threads on Debian Planet where others have 
had the same experience I had with testing. The last one I am aware 
of involved another round of naming convention discussion. You might 
find it interesting to see what others have to say there.

If it works for you, great. I will continue to suggest unstable to the 
laptop crowd because that is what works for me, and laptops require 
the additional skills that unstable exercises.

> Enough with the nauseating political statements

You can stop replying any time you want. Your choice.

> derek


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