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Re: Installing onto a PPC iBook (clamshell)

On Sat, Oct 23, 2004 at 02:53:10PM -0400, Alan Ramos wrote:
>   I've been able to install Debian 3.0 onto my old iBook 300Mhz (clamshell)
> and I found that I'm having a problem trying to nail down the correct video
> settings to get the Xwindow server running correctly.  The laptop starts up
> and the Xserver tries to launch but I get an error and it kicks back to the
> command line.  I've gotten as far as experimenting with the x86config tool
> and dpkg-reconfigure xfree86 but my I suspect the horizontal and vertical
> refresh rates are wrong.  I can't find specs anywhere online that works.
> This is an 800x600max ati rage mobility 4mb card.  (eh..)  Any help getting
> my display up and running out there would be appreciated!
I would strongly recommend you try installing the latest beta for the
upcoming release.  Mac, being a more homogeneous architecture (in terms
of the hardware setups that are available), is usually less problematic
to install than PCs.  With no further PPC experience, I was able to
install one of those sarge images in an iBook (a more recent model).
You can get the images here


Sorry that is the only advice I can give, but maybe the debian-ppc list
is a better forum to ask than this one.

Good luck

Ivan Fernández

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