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Installing onto a PPC iBook (clamshell)

Hello group,

  I've been able to install Debian 3.0 onto my old iBook 300Mhz (clamshell)
and I found that I'm having a problem trying to nail down the correct video
settings to get the Xwindow server running correctly.  The laptop starts up
and the Xserver tries to launch but I get an error and it kicks back to the
command line.  I've gotten as far as experimenting with the x86config tool
and dpkg-reconfigure xfree86 but my I suspect the horizontal and vertical
refresh rates are wrong.  I can't find specs anywhere online that works.
This is an 800x600max ati rage mobility 4mb card.  (eh..)  Any help getting
my display up and running out there would be appreciated!

Alan Ramos

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