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Re: compaq armada m700

On Monday 18 October 2004 02:41, Eduard Pauna wrote:
> hi to all,
> from a little time a have the notebook from $subj. i installed on it
> debian but i think i am a little stucked - couldn't find with google
> or on the hp.com site the HorizSync &
>  VertRefresh for the display and i'm using those reported by knoppix
> but i'm not so sure they are the right one.
> Thanks for time, help or ideas

Hi Eduard,

Can you tell us why you think the values Knoppix uses are wrong?  It seems 
that the notebook is only capable of 1024x768 at 24 bpp color.  I found 
this on Google, it may help you out:

It seems to indicate the information you want:
El Horizontal Sync és 31.5-56 i la Vertical sync és 50-100.5.
 Els video-modes serà 1024x768. Color per defecte 16.

You could always try xvidtune, but be careful you don't break your system.

Hope that helps,
Justin Guerin

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