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Re: Extra Mouse Pointer on desktop - SOLVED

A solution to the following problem:

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004, Brandon Kuczenski wrote:

> I am running Gnome 2.6.1 on Debian-testing with a 2.6.8 kernel.  The
> hardware is an IBM T23 laptop. When I login into gnome, I get an extra
> mouse pointer that appears in the center of the screen just as the Debian
> splash screen is showing applications loading.  The extra pointer sticks
> around even after the 'real' pointer shows up.  The extra pointer is
> always-on-top and it follows the desktop focus if I switch desktops.
> Sometimes it will vanish, but it most often reappears whenever some kind
> of redisplay happens -- like when xscreensaver starts or (most
> frustratingly) when I start a movie (using ogle DVD player).  When it
> reappears, it appears at the current position of the 'real' mouse pointer,
> and it has a shape that corresponds to the 'real' mouse pointer's context
> -- e.g.  if the mouse happens to be over the edge of a window, the extra
> pointer will look like a window-resize pointer.
> The problem also occurs in KDE -- but only for an instant.  After that
> instant the extra mouse pointer vanishes. Also, the problem doesn't occur
> [in gnome] when I am logged in as root.  So it doesn't seem to be an
> XF86Config issue.
> I created a test user with default settings, and she had the problem as
> well.
> The Gnome list suggests a debian/X interaction bug, so I came here.

The problem seems to be an intricacy of the Savage driver.  A
correspondent suggested that I include the line:

    Option	"HWCursor" 	"off"

in the 'device' section of /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and the solution seems to


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